Curriculum of Courses
By: Colette Toach
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Courses Available

01 Pastoral Module:

01 Today's Pastor
02 The Work of the Ministry
03 How to Hear the Voice of God
04 Mentorship 101

02 Teacher Module:

05 Spiritual Warfare for New Generation
06 Preaching and Teaching
07 Today's Teacher

03 Apostolic Ministry Module:

08 Hands On Ministry
09 Pastoral Training
10 The DNA of Man

04 Practical Ministry Module:

Worship Using the Guitar

Today's Pastor Course

Duration: 4 Lessons. 1 Month
Today's Pastor
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

The pastoral calling is much more than standing behind the pulpit on Sundays. No, a real pastor has stepped far beyond preaching to the masses and has learned to invest one-on-one into the lives of God's people.

If you are one with a pastoral calling, then you are one with a heart to defend the sheep and make sure that their needs are met. You will find that you are a bit "all over the place". God has you helping here and there and everywhere.

Get ready to put your hand to the plow. Whether in spiritual things or naturally putting your hands to "the work of the ministry" and taking care of accounting and banking details, you are about to find yourself fully invested in the kingdom of God as never before!

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: The Two-Fold Pastoral Function
Lesson 2: Stepping Up to the Plate
Lesson 3: Spot the Pastor in the Crowd
Lesson 4: The Pastor's Character

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The Work of the Ministry

Duration: 10 Lessons. 3 Months
MP3 Messages:
The Work of the Ministry
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

The first step to fullfilling your call is to enter the work of the ministry! You will "land with your feet running" in this course as you learn how to engage in ministry right away. Become equipped with the tools you need to fulfill the work of the ministry! In amongst learning to minister effetively, you will also receive a wealth of teaching on the various functions of the pastor, along with his two-fold calling. Differentiate between the appointed position and the anointing to minister and you will find your place.

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Where the Work of the Ministry Begins
Lesson 2: Applying the 12 Step Program
Lesson 3: Ministry 101 - Guidelines you Should Never Forget
Lesson 4: The New Testament Pastor
Lesson 5: The Signs of Today's Pastor
Lesson 6: The Two-fold Calling of the Pastor
Lesson 7: Appointed and Anointed
Lesson 8: Leader, Shepherd, Servant, Pastor
Lesson 9: Mothering the Church
Lesson 10: Pastoral Functions

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How to Hear the Voice of God

Duration: 8 Lessons. 2 Months
Study Kit:
How to Hear the Voice of God (Study Group Kit)
Course Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

We are going beyond principles and fluff. In this course, Chaifa Berry, will be imparting an anointing to you, as she teaches each lesson. This anointing is what you will take and impart to others!

With this anointing, it will not matter how you share the principles of hearing the Lord, it is the anointing that will get the job done! You are about to empower EVERY single person that hears you speak on this subject.

I know that you are tired of the "blah blah" in church. You are sick of seeing believers travailing for the same things again and again. Let's get passed the empty words and pass on the POWER and ANOINTING that is going to change this church like NOTHING else can!

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Creating a Home - the Key to Success
Lesson 2:
God's Word is Your Secret Place - Think Like a Teacher
Lesson 3: How to Give the Holy Spirit Control
Lesson 4: Dreams and Visions - Flowing in the Spirit is Key
Lesson 5: Dealing With Deception - It's Going to Happen!
Lesson 6: Tongues, Utterance and Journaling - Drop the Masks!
Lesson 7: Journaling - Drop the Mask
Lesson 8: Hearing God Through the Still Small Voice and Audible Voice

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Mentorship 101

Duration: 8 Lessons. 2 Months
Mentorship 101
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

Mentoring, pastoring, or spiritual parenting - Are you sure you know exactly which one you are doing with those that you are investing into?

In this course, you are going to find out exactly what mentoring is truly all about and how it is done, God's way. You may even be mentoring someone right now and you do not realize it.

Get ready to get your hands dirty and get down in the trenches with God's warriors. Now is the time for you to learn to disciple as the Lord instructed us to do. Let's get you equipped and ready to step out and impart to others what they need to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Discipleship 101
Lesson 2: Mentorship Basics
Lesson 3: Your First Disciple - Getting Started
Lesson 4: Mentorship Phase 1
Lesson 5: Mentorship Phase 2
Lesson 6: Mentorship Phase 3
Lesson 7: Mentorship Phase 4
Lesson 8: Mentorship Phase 5

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Spiritual Warfare for New Generation

Duration: 9 Lessons. 3 Months
Spiritual Warfare Workshop
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

Since when was a blood-bought child of God afraid of the enemy and a few curses and witches?!

The works of the enemy cannot touch you, unless you allow them to. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem in the church today. We have allowed the enemy in to wreck havoc in our lives again and again.

Now is the time where the church learns to stand in their authority and truly finds out the truth in their hearts about their position in Christ and how to engage in warfare on the battlefield properly.

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Curses vs. Spiritual Warfare
Lesson 2: Which Sin is Sin
Lesson 3: Free of the Curse
Lesson 4: How Satan Tests
Lesson 5: Fighting Back
Lesson 6: Combatting Insurgency Warfare
Lesson 7: Exposing the System
Lesson 8: Rules of Engagement
Lesson 9: Displacement Warfare

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Preaching and Teaching

Duration: 8 Lessons. 2 Months
MP4 Series:
Preaching and Teaching
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

Based on the Preaching and Teaching DVD series, this course takes the teaching further and makes it practical. Through the use of live lectures and case scenarios presented by various members of the AMI Ministry team, you are sure to find your way and become equipped to preach and teach with power!

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: The Foolishness of Preaching (Preaching With Power)
Lesson 2: Becoming a Teacher
Lesson 3: Sermon Preparation
Lesson 4: Making Your Introduction ROCK! (The Introduction)
Lesson 5: The Meat of Your Message (The Main Part)
Lesson 6: Concluding With Power (The Conclusion)
Lesson 7: Delivery and Using Words Effectively
Lesson 8: Body Language and Beating the Jitters

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Today's Teacher

Duration: 5 Lessons. 1 Month
Today's Teacher
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

Established as a pillar as one of the Fivefold Ministry, God is raising up teachers whose sword is sharp and who are breaking ground. Considered by so many as an intellectual pursuit, only one called to this office knows that God calls you in weakness. Today's Teacher is empowered with wisdom and equipped with a sword to divide the soul and the spirit.

This course will confirm and then equip you for your teaching call. Come to understand why you have had to pay a price not many others have. Realize why things have not come easy and why you are the only one in the crowd with the courage to say... "But WHY should we do it that way..." Ready to pay the price? Then gear up and prepare for your teaching call.

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Teacher Functions in Today's Church
Lesson 2: Teacher Types
Lesson 3: The Price
Lesson 4: Teaching Anointing
Lesson 5: Identify and Confirm the Teaching Call

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Hands On Ministry

Duration: 12 Lessons. 3 Months
Textbooks and MP3:
Minister's Handbook, How to Start a Home Church, Presentation of Prophecy, and Ministry in Music
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

Get ready to change. Get ready to learn and above all get ready to do the work of the ministry! The most practical course of the school will take you by the hand and impart the essentials to you that you need for every day ministry.

We invite you into our ministry sessions, public meetings and private connections as we impart everything you need to take the message you have and deliver it effectively to God's people. Lectures will be preached by Colette Toach and the AMI Ministry Team will assist to give you a real life example for each of the principles.

Jump in and get involved, because before you know it, you will be doing the work of the ministry as easily as breathing - and with a new anointing as well!

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Ministering Using Visions
Lesson 2: Hosting a Meeting
Lesson 3: Ten Rules for Leading Worship
Lesson 4: Praise and Worship - Their Purpose and Delivery
Lesson 5: Worshipping in the Spirit
Lesson 6: Leading Intercessory Prayer
Lesson 7: Leading a Bible Study
Lesson 8: 3 Types of Group Prayer
Lesson 9: How to Write a Devotional
Lesson 10: Talking About Money (Handling Tithes and Offerings)
Lesson 11: Presentation of Personal and General Prophecy
Lesson 12: Group Project and Anointed Organization

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Pastoral Training

Duration: 10 Lessons. 3 Months
MP3 Messages:
Pastoral Training
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

It takes a lot more to becoming a Pastor than simply gaining knowledge. It involves shaping your character and becoming equipped. Following hard from the previous course, this one will apply the pressure needed to change you into the leader and minister you are meant to be.

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: Getting on the Bus with Pastoral Training
Lesson 2: The Purpose for Pastoral Training
Lesson 3: Attributes of the Pastor
Lesson 4: Tackling Acceptance and Recognition
Lesson 5: Defining the Pastor Teacher
Lesson 6: How to Break it Down - Teaching Step 1..2..3..
Lesson 7: Pastoral Training Phase 1: The Lion
Lesson 8: Pastoral Training Phase 2: The Lamb
Lesson 9: Pastoral Training Phase 3: Becoming Capable
Lesson 10: What Your Mother Never Told You About Ministry

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The DNA of Man

Duration: 11 Lessons. 3 Months
Course Lecturer: Colette Toach

What makes you tick? Gain a full understanding of how the Lord created man and discover what exactly makes us tick. From delving into our human temperament to how we can walk in the spirit, you will be armed with all you need to assess and minister to anyone effectively!

Subjects covered in this course:

Lesson 1: The DNA of Man
Lesson 2: The Soul of Man - Human Temperaments
Lesson 3: Breaking Temperaments Down
Lesson 4: Swapping Temperaments
Lesson 5: Archetypes and Cultural Programming
Lesson 6: Soul DNA
Lesson 7: Spiritual DNA
Lesson 8: Spiritual DNA and Spiritual Parenting
Lesson 9: Halo Data
Lesson 10: The Cannibal Instinct
Lesson 11: Star Quality - Your Ministry Image

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Worship Using the Guitar Course

Duration: 14 Lessons. 4 Months
MP3 Messages:
Ministry in Music and The Praise Project
Text Book - Suggested Reading: Prophetic Anointing
Course Lecturer: Philip Sager

Worship. It is the essential reason for this course. What does it take to worship the Lord? Do you need to be able to play like a virtuoso? Learn about the true heart of worship and the reason why you should take this course. Are you ready to worship?

Subjects covered in this course:

Introduction: Introduction: Worship Party - Jesus' Style
Lesson 1: First Hello - Guitar You, You Guitar
Lesson 2: The Power of Praise - Tongues of Fire
Lesson 3: Indeed, I can strum!
Lesson 4: You are the Temple
Lesson 5: Let your River Flow
Lesson 6: The Gentle Breeze of Jesus
Lesson 7: Worship is a Sacrifice
Lesson 8:
The Worship Revolution
Lesson 9:
The Unity in Worship
Lesson 10:
How to lead others into the presence of the Lord
Lesson 11:
Keep it simple!
Lesson 12: The 12-String Guitar
Bonus Lesson: The Electric Guitar

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